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Advanced Optical Technologies Releases Comprehensive Information Assurance Policy

10 January 2014

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Advanced Optical Technologies, Inc. (AOT) has released its Information Assurance Policy 2.0, covering computer and network hardware, portable and removable media, software development and use, data organization, archiving, and access, personnel security and coordination, facility security and administration, and property acquisition and tracking. The Information Assurance Policy (IAP) 2.0 ToC is available online, while the full IAP is available to customers and collaborators upon request. As AOT CEO Dr. Brian G. Hoover explained, "The IAP is a day-to-day guide to help ensure that all efforts move the company in the common directions of growth and customer satisfaction. Now our customers and investors can rest assured that their data is in good hands and the return on their investment is secure. Technology projects get derailed by data loss or compromise more often than you might think. The IAP will dramatically lower the rate of data loss and increase productivity at AOT." Dr. Hoover and AOT IT and software engineers Kirtan Shah, Virgil Kohlhepp, and David Rugely co-authored the IAP. .

About Advanced Optical Technologies, Inc.:

Founded in Albuquerque, NM in 2004, Advanced Optical Technologies is a research and development firm bringing next-generation optical and laser modalities and sensors to fruition. AOT provides one-stop physics-based solutions, from early-stage research and feasibility analysis through verifiable modeling and simulation, custom metrology and experimentation, optomechanical and electro-optical design, data acquisition and analysis, algorithms and software, and custom-built prototypes. AOT's fields of expertise include optical polarimetry, scatterometry, and photonic materials. AOT's management consulting services support these areas as well as business, marketing, legal, facility, IT, and security functions for technology-driven organizations.