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AFRL and Advanced Optical Technologies Mark
Two Years of CRADA Collaboration

KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE, NM. - On 26 July the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Advanced Optical Technologies, Inc. (AOT) marked the two-year anniversary of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) through which AOT operates the AFRL Active Polarimetric Characterization Laboratory (APCL).

The APCL houses a world-class laser polarimeter and other instrumentation that provide unique optical- and laser-based metrology capabilities. The polarimeter operates at any of three visible and near-infrared laser wavelengths, for either transmissive or reflective test samples in quasi-monostatic or bistatic geometries. The polarimeter is calibrated to within 1% at each wavelength (0.25% at 1064nm) as measured by the Mueller matrix of a calibration mirror.


AOT CEO Dr. Brian G. Hoover noted that "The AFRL CRADA has allowed AOT to maintain momentum in several key technology areas, primarily laser polarimetry, where we will soon deliver a new sensor with unique material-classification capabilities for defense, aerospace, manufacturing, and environmental applications." Laser polarimetry is explained in AOT's Active/Laser Polarimetry FAQ. Dr. Hoover added "AFRL metrology and data resources are fueling AOT's progress in polarimetry and scatterometry. We are developing polarimetric machine-learning algorithms and sensors for automated target recognition (ATR), polarization measurement standards for optics vendors, and diffractive rendering models for radiometric simulators, computer gaming, and machine vision. Through the CRADA a diversity of government and commercial customers can benefit from AFRL's R&D infrastructure."

Thus far the CRADA has provided data for a US Army contract, a commercial optical-component manufacturer, and several internal R&D projects, corresponding to over $40k in user fees by the end of FY 2013. AFRL Program Manager Dr. Victor L. Gamiz said "The CRADA enables AFRL to collaborate with innovative companies like AOT to solve problems of national importance and commercial interest. CRADAs provide exceptional opportunities for innovators to capitalize on government facilities to develop unique technologies in a cost-effective manner." (Approved for public release-distribution unlimited.)

About Advanced Optical Technologies, Inc.:

Founded in Albuquerque, NM in 2004, Advanced Optical Technologies is a research and development firm bringing next-generation optical and laser modalities and sensors to fruition. AOT provides one-stop physics-based solutions, from early-stage research and feasibility analysis through verifiable modeling and simulation, custom metrology and experimentation, optomechanical and electro-optical design, data acquisition and analysis, algorithms and software, and custom-built prototypes. AOT's fields of expertise include optical polarimetry, scatterometry, and photonic materials. AOT's management consulting services support these areas as well as business, marketing, legal, facility, IT, and security functions for technology-driven organizations.