Advanced Optical Technologies Research and Development in Physical Optics

R&D Services

Custom Experiment Data Acquisition & Analysis Modeling & Simulation
Custom Experimentation Data Acquisition & Analysis Modeling & Simulation
Physics-Based Solutions Algorithms and Software

In-house technical research can be expensive and time-consuming. AOT can conduct your critical research and development, to keep you ahead of the competition, while you concentrate on core business. Our technical expertise can provide customized research plans, instrument and facility planning and construction, metrology, test planning, data collection, interpretation, and archiving, and prototype and software development.

  • Experiment Planning & Execution

  • Scientific & Engineering Analysis

  • Custom Instrument Design & Construction

  • Metrology

  • Material Characterization

  • Data Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation

  • Algorithm Development

  • Modeling & Simulation

  • CAD Modeling

  • Software Development

  • Prototype Development

  • Patent & Publication

AOT can publish white papers, application notes, and journal articles that get your organization recognition and reputation in the industry. One of our most valuable services is reducing ideas to practice and writing patents assigned to your company. Stop wasting time on IP negotiations and student-level work at universities. AOT professionals will apply the latest scientific knowledge to solve your technical problems